Success Stories

Custom Traffic Solutions
Missy Valdivieso - Owner
Maineville, OH

Back in September 2013 I was contacted by a potential client requesting  my service of traffic control for projects as well as protect their employees. I took on the job by purchasing a service truck and hiring two employees. 

By mid-October 2013, I decided to expand the business. I was lost not knowing any of the details and strategies around launching a start-up venture. I browsed the web site, and was able to connect with Joe Schiesler, Warren County SBDC Director. After a discussion with Joe, I was aware of how many steps were required. Within a week after making my 1st contact with Joe, I had many questions answered and several solutions for problems that I was having.    

Custom Traffic Solutions was formed to provide temporary traffic control to utility companies, paving companies, and municipalities, etc. The business of driver and employee safety is our mission. We set up State and Local-compliant work zones and staff the area until the job is completed- and that is in any condition in all weather elements! 

I have had numerous meetings with both Joe and Mike Stater to develop my plan and strategies on how to build my business. With their guidance and support and attending numerous training classes, CTS is working its way to becoming a successful Warren County business. 

By the summer of 2014, CTS now has 9 operational trucks and has created 16 jobs in order to serve   11  Major Clients. With the guidance and connections that the SBDC provided, I am able to proudly say that I am a business owner and employer in Warren County. 

The SBDC center was able to provide counseling and assistance for a price that I could afford: FREE!  If there was something that Joe and Mike could not help me with, they never hesitated to refer me to an expert in the Alliance that could provide a solution. 

The type of service, support and content that is being offered by our Warren County Small Business Development Center is unheard of  in this world of small business.