Upcoming Events

Hospitality Crisis Management, Part II

May 24, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Menu Best Practices for post-COVID Success and Profitability

The Warren County Small Business Development Center is sponsoring a FREE ZOOM SEMINAR for Food Service/Hospitality Owner/ Operators. 


65% of restaurant revenues are down at least 50% from YTD2019. Dining rooms and inside bars are capacity restricted, and owners are limiting their menus to               Take-Out/Delivery. Fewer staff is asked to do more for less.


Hear from a 40-year-experienced national industry expert on solutions and resources to help sustain your operation and save 585,000 Ohio jobs!


Menu Design and Best Practice Topics to be Presented:

*Sell with Words, Pictures, and Placement

*Do not have multiple menus (requires more training & inventory)

*Be flexible with regular updates (2x per year minimum)

*Inventory management through menu item sales and profitability analysis

*Promote Food Mobility and Package Bundles Trend