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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your services cost anything?

There is not a direct charge for our time or resources. You will not get a bill from us after each session. SBDC is compensated through a combination of private and public funding tax dollars and investments.

How do I make an appointment to meet with you?

You can reach us through the typical channels: phone, email, snail mail and in-person and through the Contact Us tab on our website.

We typically book appointments at least 48 hours out.

Are our discussions confidential?

Yes absolutely. In fact, we sign an agreement as a promise to you to protect your identity and business ideas and personal information. However, if you want us to make connections on your behalf, there might be a few details that you need to approve for public release.

Can I stop the planning process at any time?

You can accelerate, slow down or stop the business planning process to meet your personal and professional situation.

What if my business idea or model changes during the process?

That is why planning is so important. We will review all angles, options and resources that will make your business successful.